Ms. Kearney’s class visit Moore Abbey Woods



Estimating and Measuring in Ms. Kearney’s Class

Today, we were measuring the perimeter of shapes. First we chose which instrument to measure with. We chose from a measuring tape, a metre stick, a ruler and a trundle wheel.

Perimeter means the distance around the edge. To measure perimeter, go around each side, adding each length. When measuring, make sure to start at zero on your instrument.



Yesterday we went outside. We estimated and measured the distance from the red door to the gates. We used a trundle wheel. You hold the handle of the trundle wheel and push it along the ground. It clicks at every metre.

After that, we recorded the result on a sheet.



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St Brigid’s Primary School are County Debating Champions!

Debating was really fun. We had to gather some information about the topic which was “Kildare is a great place to live” and we were opposing this motion. We researched things like drug incidents, crime levels and unemployment. After about a week we had our speeches put together. A lady called Tara O Reilly came in to help us with our statistics and our diction. Ms O Callaghan helped us as well. Together, they picked the team of three based on the way we spoke and presented. I was the team captain, Caitlin was the second speaker and Darragh was the third speaker. Rose, Dan and Adam were our subs. On the morning of the final we were so nervous and I kept reading my speech over and over again. When I came into school we practiced in the PE hall. Then at about 10.30 we went down to the library and practiced again. We all felt like a bundle of nerves.

Finally, when we were about to start we met our opponents from Athgarvan. I, the team captain Aoibhean, started to read my speech out loud and clear and I spoke very dramatically. I took down notes as the proposing team read their speeches. Then it was time for my closing speech. I stood up, more nervous than ever and read my speech. After that it was time for the crossfire round. I loved this part because it was fun using all our knowledge to prove the other team wrong.

When 10 minutes were up  the judges went to decide which team would take the trophy. I was pretty confident that we had won, but you can never be too sure! When the judges came out and told us the results we were absolutely delighted. I, Aoibhean Collins, got to hold up the cup and I couldn’t stop smiling. We all enjoyed participating in the debating tournament.

Aoibheann Collins, 6th Class


Debating Team: 

Aoibhean Collins

Rose Donohue

Caitlin harley

Dan Lynch

Callum Flynn

Adam Purcell

Darragh Searing