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English for Fun – Teddy Bears Picnic

On Thursday November 17th and Friday November 18th we held our English for Fun – Teddy Bears Picnic with our 5 Junior Infant classes. In a change from previous years where parents came in to play games, parents this year read the story ‘Monkey Puzzle‘ to their children. The children assembled in the Presentation Building and we then followed Billy The Bear to the Academy hall. Here we read our story and the children were provided with a picnic.

To encourage literacy in the home each child was also given an early reader book to take home. Parents were encourage to read the story to their children at home. The day was a huge success and many thanks to all the parents for taking the time to help out.



Maths for Fun – Junior Infants – 1st Class

mathsMaths for Fun is about parents helping children improve their mathematical skills through fun games and puzzles. After Christmas I will be looking for volunteers to help out in Junior Infants and 1st class. Senior Infants will get their chance in March. Below is the schedule for Junior Infants and 1st class. Classes will run from 10.00am – 10.30am each morning.

Junior Infants – Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Quinn, Ms. O’ Malley

– Tuesdays – January 19th – February 09th

Junior Infants – Ms. Hennelly, Ms. Berry, Ms. O’ Keating

– Wednesdays – January 20th – February 10th

1st Class – Ms. Keenan, Mr. O’ Neill, Ms. Waters, Ms. McDermott

– Thursdays – January 21st – February 11th