Feilte Conference 2019

Creative ICT Tools for our Project


Creative Tool What it does Where to find it What you can use it for/What we used it for in Erasmus plus and Etwinning projects
Learning apps Quizz, games,.. https://learningapps.org/login.php Create memory game
Genialy Content creator https://www.genial.ly/en Online escape room
thingliTk Scan pictures and include a target with text https://www.thinglink.com/ Presentation of teams, classes in Erasmus project o rother classroom events
Prezi Dynamic presentations https://prezi.com/ Presentation of my town, my country…
Emaze Dynamic presentations https://www.emaze.com/ Presentation
Piktochart Computer graphics, posters  https://piktochart.com/ Presentation of museum, traditions, tales
Zeemaps Scan maps and include a target, with text, pic, sound https://www.zeemaps.com/ Presentation of my country, my town, Unesco heritage





Interactive maps

Classroom screen Useful tool for the class, including survey https://classroomscreen.com/ Votes for logo contest
Fotojet To create collages https://www.fotojet.com Litterature part of the project
CospacesEdu create our own VR experiences https://cospaces.io/edu/ VR could be use to enhance the pedagogical and educational value…especially presentation our own Unesco Heritage (using Cardboards) 

Creative ideas for teaching cultural heritage

Creative Idea What you will do in our project using this idea
Creation of a cultural path for students
Visit of different museum, according to their level (year 4, 5 or 6)
Meeting local artists, 
Exhibition of logos in a gallery of our town
Educational Card Games Provide opportunities to practice important skills as recognize the cultural heritage places
Learning from local artisans We plan to invite a local artisan to visit the school and to show/teach students about his/her crafts.