Our 6th Green School Flag

Green Schools

Teachers and members of the Green School committee were presented with an award by Mr Fleming

We won our 6th Green Flag this year.  This flag is a renewal flag.   It is called Global Citizenship/Litter and Waste.  Our work focused around raising awareness on how looking after our environment aids people all over the world.  We helped the children to see the connection between our actions in Ireland and how they affect people in other countries, especially in relation to waste and litter.

We promoted and facilitated active citizenship through our letter writing (we wrote a letter to the BOM asking them to research the possibility of heating the school through the use of solar panels and one to many of the teachers asking them to consider using a keep-cup, when they get takeaway coffee/tea.)  We also engaged in community litter picking and learned about the Global Goals.

All the while, we try to turn off lights and lap tops when not in use and continue to recycle in every classroom and separate waste before it is taken to the outside bins.  We note that soft plastic can be recycled now and try to keep key messages at the forefront of the minds of students and the whole school community.

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