Useful Links for Teachers

Websites and resources to help you in the classroom. kids search engine – must be used on school ip address for full access – a good Irish website – the link to chrome extension for dyslexia – a really really good resource to edit certain youtube videos.    Teddy bear writing project  portal for Irish educators  contains interactive stories and literacy activities (EXCELLENT SITE)  online spelling programme    games and other educational resources  Jenny Eater site which includes very useful writing frames to support First Steps writing   users can compete in educational games against other children from all over the world  downloadable resources  lesson plans, activity ideas and resources  downloadable resources  resources, ideas, lessons, free pintables’ etc  curriculum resources & web quests  printable ideas including word work, contractions, word families, alphabet and blends  subject based learning tools  information, images and documents about various topics e.g. Irish public libraries & other culture institutions   (ENFO)  resources, homework help and educational websites by age and subject  fun typing programme  supports literacy and numeracy (Good links to information about syndromes etc) information for early childhood educators and parents phonics based reading program for early learners.  You need to register to use some resources. Just remember your log-in and password resources for teachers for display contains free downloadable mp3 files children can write and publish books has links to internet-linked books access to online textbooks access to online textbooks. Interactive section provides links to each chapter of s.e.s.e. books. You must login etc for this section nursery rhymes and tongue twisters   Needs some computer downloads for sound.  In website type in what you would like to search for e.g.  Dolch and links will appear for that. Save anything useful. Over 3500 free lesson plans covering all subjects including Maths. Hundreds of educational websites, rated by popularity. Teaching ideas, lesson plans, projects, worksheets, clipart, etc. Resources for all subject areas including maths. Free primary school lesson plans and educational resources in all subject areas. Teaching tools, online interactive activities, educational games, projects, worksheets and many other resources, to help with the daily learning adventure. Useful source of games, puzzles, etc. from the home page, click on School and Homework for a selection of engaging sites. Learn English Kids is the British Council’s website for children around the world who are learning English as a second or foreign language. However its animated talking stories are an ideal resource for supporting reading particularly with younger pupils or those who struggle with reading.This site has almost 60 talking. It is also a useful resource to recommend to parents. Speakaboos brings classic children’s entertainment into a digital world. Many of the resources on this site require a subscription but there are currently over 30 free animated talking stories on offer. The full text is also available for each story. Speakaboos’ resources fall into six genres: Fables, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Nursery Rhymes and Songs. MeeGenius is a reading application for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Google TV, Google Chrome Web Store, and the Web. There are currently 6 free books on the site and many in the catalogue that are available for a small fee typically $0.99 or $1.99. Storynory is an online treasure trove of audio stories. Here you will find a mixture of new stories, fairy tales, and specially adapted myths and histories. This site offers a range of free audio stories that can be listened to online. It also offers some stories in text format as well a range of colouring activities. There are currently 13 stories available online. Eleven well known audio stories for you to listen to. It requires real player to be installed on your computer. For younger children. Lots of free interactive reading material here. You have to pay a small annual subscription to access all material. This is a subscription site that gives you hundreds of interactive, levelled books spanning 27 levels of difficulty, covering a wide range of subjects You can access some free samples from the link above  This site offers illustrated children’s stories for children of all ages. This site has both well-known classic fables (including a special section for Aesops Fables) as well as ones that you might not know yet. There are also online picture books, educational activities, and printable colouring pages.  Find stories from around the world. You can search by age or by story type

ttp:// All children’s favourite nursery rhymes are here with illustrations. ReadPrint is a free online library where you can find literally thousands of books to read for free, from classics to science fiction to Shakespeare. Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks. Bibliomania has thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays all of which are absolutely free Free TTS software. Online Dictionary Online Dictionary Online Dictionary Online Dictionary