Emo Park

Maths Trail

Maths Week – Emo Park

Mrs. Hutchinson’s 3rd class were lucky to get chosen for a trip to Emo Park during Maths week.

A lovely lady called Martina gave us a tour of Emo house while at the same time engaging in a maths trail noticing all the 2D and 3D shapes all around us such as the trapeziums (a four sided shape with one set of parallel lines) on the floor and ceilings and the hexagons on the library glass doors. We visited the drawing room, the morning room, the library and the rotunda. We admired the cantilevered staircase and the many portraits hung around the house. Chumeley Harrison gifted the, James Gandon designed, house to the Irish people on his death.

Our maths trail continued with Edel after lunch with a tree study where we had to calculate the age of the oak trees by first measuring their circumference. We looked for moss, fern and lichen. We investigated whether any small animals could live anywhere in the tree. From there we continued down the Vista to search for signs of mammals living in the gardens. We found deer tracks and deer and rabbit faeces. We found a badger set right beside a rabbit burrow. Along the way we also saw some sweet chestnuts, which are edible. We also found a very sticky cone from the Cedar tree which is the female cone.

Our last activity for the day was a mini beast hunt. We lifted logs and leaves to root out little woodlice, spiders, worms and slugs. We were very careful to put them all back afterwards.

Thank you to Ms. Coll for accompanying us on our trip. A lovely day was had by all.

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