Mr. Killeen's class explore 2D shapes


Mr. Killeen’s shapetastic week!

Mr. Killeen’s 1st class have been very busy learning about 2D shapes this week. We have discovered that shapes can be seen all around us and in all subjects in the curriculum.

In maths, we made our own 2D shapes where we discovered the properties of the triangle, square, rectangle, semi-circle and circle. We also went on a maths trail of our school were we saw the faces of lots of 2D shapes in different objects.

In Art, we made autumn scarecrows with a twist! We made them using 2D shapes that we cut. All our scarecrows have different shapes and colours to scare the birds away!

Similarly in Geography, we explored aerial photographs and maps. We learned that we see a ‘birds eye view’ of objects when examiners from above , resulting in 2D shapes being visible. On google maps, we discovered that the presentation building has a ‘H’ outline.

We had a shapetastic week!!

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