Ms. Kelly’s Class explore the Cathedral with Mario Corrigan

The fourth classes are studying local history at the minute so Ms. Kelly took advantage of Mario’s vast knowledge of the history of Kildare and took her class along on one of his guided tours of the Cathedral. They got a brief history of Kildare learning of the role of the Vikings (not all bad!), the influence of St Brigid (a native of Kildare not Louth according to Mario) centuries after her death and they were also made privy to a number of interesting facts such as why the gargoyles on the side of the building are wearing glasses, the role of the fire hole to the rear of the building and the fact that the cathedral catered for both male and female religious assemblies at the same time by way of a barrier down the centre of the church. The cathedral is also the only one in Ireland that has a stained glass window depicting St. Patrick as a young boy. Why is there a skull and cross bones over the door of the Cathedral – Is it a symbol of ‘pirates’ or ‘life and death’? Ms. Kelly’s class will know the answer. The children and teachers really enjoyed the excursion and are very grateful to Mario for his time and patience.

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