Plastic is not fantastic!

Plastic is not Fantastic

Ms. Hyland and the children of her 4th class have been working on a plastic project since April of this year.  Using the statistic as a starting point, that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, they decided to do something about it.   A survey was conducted for one week from 3rd – 6th class on how many single use plastic bottles were used.  The result was pretty scary – over 1000 !

The children designed slogans and posters about the dangers and hazards plastic causes to marine life along with writing poetry.  Their poetry has been on display in Kildare Town Library for a number of weeks now.

The class put together a Plan of Action and presented this to Mr Fleming (principal), Ms Cunningham (deputy principal), Mr Green (HSCL) and Mr O’Hara (Green Schools).  The four point action plan was as follows:

  • Introduce recycling bins to the Academy Building
  • Ask for less plastic packaging in our school lunches from Bradbury’s
  • Filtered water in all three buildings
  • Children and staff members to use multi-use plastic bottles

We are thrilled with the results we have achieved and have received a very supportive and encouraging commitment from Bradbury’s. From September, lunches will be wrapped in recyclable brown paper instead of plastic which we are all very happy about.  Bradbury’s have also very kindly said they will install and maintain a filtered water system in all of our three buildings which will encourage children and staff alike to top up their drink bottles. Staff members have also been looking forward to seeing these changes and have been really supportive of these initiatives we are working on.  Starting in September, we would like to see as many people possible, both children and adults alike, in the school use multi use bottles and make an effort not to buy single use plastic bottles. We would like to thank everyone at home for taking an interest and joining us in making a positive environmental impact. By joining together we can make a huge and long lasting difference.

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