Science Week

This week marked National Science Week. Lots of our classes engaged in Science activities and experiments around the school and in our local library.

Ms. Ryan’s Senior Infants read The Three Little Pigs together. After reading they made a house from straw, a house from lollipop sticks and a Lego brick house. They then used a ‘Big Bad Wolf’ hair dryer to test out how strong their houses were. They wanted to check to see if what happened in the story would happen to their houses.

Ms. Gray’s class visited the library for a talk on energy.

Ms. Boyle’s 5th class also attended an SEAI workshop in the library where they learned how to make a battery.

Ms. Water’s 4th class were very busy a few weeks ago exploring acids and bases and different metals. It was fun to see how they reacted to different materials. Thanks to Ailbhe’s mammy for sharing her expertise and helping us out.

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