Student Council

Learn more about the work of our elected student council.

The aim of the Student Council is to allow the children an opportunity to contribute to the positive development of our school and to let the students’ voices be heard. Members of the Council are elected to represent their class and bring forth the opinions of all class members and not personal views. Due to the size of our school we have 2 councils. Senior Council is open to students from 3rd to 6th class and Junior Council is open from to students from Junior Infants to 2nd class. Children who are members of the student council are expected to be positive role models for the other students and to act responsibly at all times.

This year our Student Captain is Emma Dowling ably assisted by Vice Captain Holly McCann.

Our Junior Captain is

Senior Council Members:


Junior Council Members

6th: Aiyesha Holt, Adam Bermingham, Maria Bolger, Coleen O Carroll 2nd Michael Staunton, Zoe Duffy, Cian McKenna, Alex Kirwan, Daniel Walsh
5th:  Joseph Moran, Alex Dowd, Katie Morley, Leah Behan, Caitlyn McGannon 1st Elizabeth Panenko, Flynn Bercia, Gabriella Apostol, Emily Walsh, Adam O Neill
4th: Jamie Lenehan, Molly Williams, Lana Moore, Carl Downey Sen. Inf: Kiela McDaid, Joshua Thompson, Luke Dowling, Paddy Sweeney
3rd: Faye Hopkins, Dylan Mackin, Layton Muldowney, Holly Meenagh, Luka Khvedelidze Jun. Inf: Ben English, Sienna Pierce, Dylan Kirwan, Emmy McKenna

So far this year the Student Council have helped out with our very successful book fair which saw the return of over €3,000 worth of books to the school. They highlighted the need to help our community through a dry goods drive for St. Vincent de Paul at Christmas. They have given great suggestions on how we can improve our school on a day to day basis.