School Musical


The Adventures of Superstan

At the end of March, 59 children from our 5th and 6th classes put on a show-stopping performance of ‘The Amazing Adventures of Superstan’ in the CWMS hall. Performing 3 matinee and 3 night shows in total, directors Ms. Egan, Ms.Boyle and Ms. Daly began the process by holding auditions for interested children in December. The staff and students worked very enthusiastically and committedly during lunchtimes and on Thursdays and Fridays after school every week since the return in January. Once the parts had been cast among an extremely talented group of children, there was an initial focus on learning the dances and songs; such as ‘Live a Little!’ and ‘Anti-Gravity Pants.’ The children later learned about stage presence, dialogue delivery, singing in harmony and dancing a variety of routines. Perhaps the greatest achievement of all was the confidence and friendships gained from the experience.

It was a delight to see proud family members and the wider community come together in crowds to support our talented students, enjoying the witty script and overall professionalism of the show. This comes with large thanks to Conor Wilkins for the professional sound, Aidan Cooney from Apollo Lighting for the spectacular lighting and of course Abe Scheele who transformed the hall into a real theatre with floor to ceiling drapes! All of the talented staff from our school were wizards with stage management, costume creation, set design, props etc. which really brought the show to life. A special mention to the caretakers of our school, John and Martin for whom no task was too difficult! Many thanks to the sponsors from around the town also for your generous support.

‘Superstan’ is a memory which will be held in high regard by all of the students, staff and spectators for many years to come. Congratulations to all involved on a very successful show which displayed talent, commitment and hard work in abundance!